Celtic 6 Pack

6 Amazing 16 Shot Cakes,


Druids Brew, Celtic, 600BC, Bronze Age Nights, Iron Age Sky, Boudica


Great Mix of Noise and Colours,

Our Price  £59.99

Celtic 9 Pack

9 Superb Cakes


Great Mix Of Effects & Colours In One Box

Two 25 Shot Fan Cakes
One 36 Shot Fan Cake
Two 19 Shot C
Two 20 Shot Cakes
Two 25 Shot Cakes

Our Price  £119.99

Celtic Perfect 10 Pack

10 Amazing Fireworks all in One Perfect Pack 

Our New Selection Box

Cake 1,  16 Shots, Silver Tail White Strobe Super Crown, Red Tail Double Crown

Cake 2,  16 Shots, Green Tail Purple Green Star Spider King, Green Tail Green Star To Silver


Cake 3,  16 Shots of Blue Tail Water Blue Super Crown, Red Tail Red Green Star To Gold CoCo

Cake 4,  16 Shots of Red Tail Red Star Gold Spider, Red Tail Red Star Silver Crackle

Cake 5,  20 Shots of Green Tail Green Strobe Super Crown, Red Tail Red Strobe Super Crown, Purple Tail Purple Star To Gold Chrysanthemum

Cake 6,  20 Shots of Red Tail Red Wave White Strobe, Yellow Tail Purple Wave Green Strobe, Green Tail Purple Green Star with Chrysanthemum Flowers

Cake 7,  20 Shots of Green Tail Green Star Gold Strobe, Blue Tail Red Strobe To Gold CoCo, Red Tail Red Star Crackling

Cake 8,  10 Shots of Chrysanthemum Mine To Chrysanthemum Burst

Cake 9,  10 Shots of Super Crown Mine Super Crown Burst

Cake10,  40 Shots of Green Tail Green Star Red Strobe, Blue Tail Blue Star Silver Crackle, Green Tail Green Star White Strobe, Red Tail Red Strobe Gold Spider, Silver Tail Silver Crackle

Our Price  £179.99

Beast From The East

292 Shot, Compound Cake

4 Pre-Fused Cakes, 1 Single Ignition 

3 x 64 Shot Cakes

1 x 100 Shot Cake

Cake 1, 64 shots of Crackling Mines to Purple and Green Stars with Crackling.


Cake 2, 64 Shots of Red Strobe with Red Strobe Mine, Green Strobe with Green Strobe Mine, Gold Strobe with Gold Strobe Mine and White Strobe with White Strobe Mine.


Cake 3, Whistling Serpents bursting to Silver Strobe Crackling


Cake 4, 100 Monstrous Bursts of Gold Brocade Mines to Bold Brocades with Red Glitter.

 Our Price  £299.99

Smash That

157 Shot, Compound Cake 

4 Pre-Fused Cakes, 1 Single Ignition 


Orange Glitter Mines to Purple Star, Whistling Tails to Multi-Coloured Bursts, Tourbillion Tails to Orange, Green, Silver and Red Glitter, Blue Bouquet Mines to Crackling Chrysanthemum. 

Our Price  £159.99

Final Curtain

100 Shot, Compound Cake 4 x 25 Shot Cakes


Two Straight Firing, Two Fanned, Producing


Incredibly Bright Colours, Whistles and


Ferocious Crackle

Our Price  £109.99

Rainbow Revenge

100 Shot, Compound Cake 4 x 25 Shot Fan Cakes

Z-Firing Glitter Bouquets and Vivid Pastel


Coloured Stars, Volleys of Red Ghost Glitter,


Z-Firing Crackling Coloured Tails 


Then a Jaw Dropping Finale of Fanned Brocade


Mines to Brocade Bursts Above

Our Price  £119.99

Blow Ya Load

114 Shot, Compound Cake 4 x Cake Compound

Great Mix of Effects and Firing Patterns Including


Straight, Z-firing and W-firing

Our Price  £154.99

Surprise Me

146 Shot Compound Cake

Two Fanned and Two Straight Firing Barrages


Gold Palms with Silver Glitter, Crackling Willows,


Red Strobes, Stunning Z-firing Section with Vivid


Pastel Colours and Glitter Bouquet, Gold


Willows with Blue Stars and Triple Volley of


Glitter for a Spectacular Finale

Our Price  £184.99

Silent But Deadly

196 Shot Compound Cake

Strobe Mines with Silver Flowers, Dahlias with


Colourful Mines Ejecting Falling Leaves,

Finishing with Spinners to Ejecting Silver



Our Price  £219.99



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