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The Tremor

40 Shot Fan, 8 Banks of 5 Fanned Coloured Tails to Coloured Stars with Large Golden Brocade Crowns with Loud Reports

Our Price  £74.99

Bang Tidy

40 Shot Fan, Red Strobe Willow and Sea Blue Mine Lift to Large Blue and Red Sky Bursts

Our Price  £74.99


40 Shot Fan, Rows 1,3,5 Gold Strobe Bouquet Tail to Gold Palms, Rows 2,4 White Strobe Bouquet Tail Gold Comet Tail


Our Price  £74.99  


49 Shot, Brocade Crown with Red, Brocade Crown with Green, Brocade Crown with Purple Peony, Brocade Crown with Blue Peony, Brocade Crown with White Strobe, Brocade Crown with Crackling Stars

Our Price  £34.99

Fork Handles

49 Shot, Red Bouquet, Whistling with Silver Crossette 

Our Price  £41.99

Flash Gordon

49 Shot, 7 Shots Gold Flash Tail with Blue Mines, 7 Shots Gold Flash Blue Peony with Blue Tail, 7 Shots Gold Flash Tail with Green Mines, 7 Shots Gold Flash Green Peony with Green Tail, 7 Shots Gold Flash Tail with Red Mine, 7 Shots Gold Flash Red Peony with Red Tail, 7 Shots Gold Flash with Gold Flash Mine

Our Price  £47.99


49 Shot, Blue Tail, Blue Star, Silver Fish, Willow to Purple


Our Price  £47.99 

China Star

49 Shot, White Strobe with Red Stars and  Multi-Shot Finale with Loud Reports

Our Price  £47.99

Spiders Web

49 Shot, Green Tail to Green Strobe Spider, Blue Tail to Blue Pearl Spider.

Our Price  £47.99

Jibber Jabber

50 Shot, Gold Tail to Brocade, Red to Green to White Strobe

Our Price  £74.99

Fire In The Hole

50 Shot, Red Tail to Red Palm, Green Tail to Green Palm, Blue Tail to Time Rain Willow

Our Price  £74.99

Slow Then Go

60 Shot Fan, Slow Z Firing Crackles Rows 1,2,3 Rows 4,5,6 Crackle Tails to Fast Multi -Coloured Crossettes

Our Price  £57.99

More Tea Vicar

61 Shot, Red Tail Gold Crown Gold Chrysanthemum and Green Strobe, Blue Tail Blue Chrysanthemum, Green Tail Silver Spinners Crackling Red Tails with Loud Reports


Our Price  £69.99 

Bish Bash Bosh

62 Shot, V Firing and Z Firing Green Tail to Purple Pearl Lemon White Strobe, Red Tail to Red and Green and Blue Palm Time Rain, Blue Tail to Gold Willow with White Strobe, Brocade Bouquet, Blue Tail to Brocade, Silver Tail to Cracking Willow with Red Strobe

Our Price  £84.99

Bring It On

65 Shot, Red Wave Tail to Red and Green Palm with Crackling, Red Green Yellow Blue Top Time Rain Comet, Red Strobe, Red with Silver Strobe, Pink Lemon Water Green Peony with White Strobe, Three Step Whistling, Gold Willow with White Strobe, Silver Palm with Dragon Eggs, Brocade with Red Strobe

Our Price  £99.99

Glimmer Glamour 

100 Shot, Sea Blue Strobes, Red Strobes, Green Strobes,Gold Strobes, White Strobes with Strobe Finale Fast Pace, Loud

Our Price  £62.99


100 Shot, Red Green Strobe Tail to Gold Willow with White Strobe, Red Green Strobe Tail to Brocade with Red Strobe

Our Price  £62.99

Go Go Go

100 Shot Fan, Blue and White Strobe Bouquet to Colour Flower Rain

Our Price  £89.99


150 Shot Fan, Silver Willow with Silver Tails, Green, Red and Silver Flash with Golden Tails with Brocade Crowns to Brocade Tails with Loud Reports

Our Price  £99.99

Mish Mash

100 Shot, Red Tail and Blue Pearl, Red Tail to Silver to Silver Coco, Blue Tail to Blue Pearl, Gold Strobe, Red Tail to Supper Crown, Red Tail to Gold Chrysanthemum


Our Price  £62.99

Mish Mash Mini

100 Shot, Bright Red Tails to Red Bursts in Volleys of 10's. Then a Brocade Burst of Orange Glittering Stars with Strobes, Red Tails to Gold Glitter Crowns and a Brocade Finale.

Our Price  £37.99

Go Whistle

50 Shots, Fantastic Whistles and Red Glittering Stars

Our Price  £54.99

Gold Finger

49 Shot, Gold Tail to Gold Crown and Blue

Our Price  £79.99

Dye In The Sky

49 Shot, Green Tail to Yellow Dahlia and Red Strobe,

Blue Tail to Blue Dahlia and Red Strobe

Our Price  £79.99

Frogs In A Blender

49 Shot, Blue Green Dahlia and Red Ghost

Our Price  £47.99

Shimmer and Shine

50 Shot, Red Strobe Tail to Red Strobe Willow, Spit

Red Green Meteor Shower, Blue Pearl Bouquet to

Red Green Strobe Silver Brocade Crown, Spit Red

Supper Strobe, Chrysanthemum Bouquet to Crackling

Titanium Willow

Our Price  £74.99

Ten Out Of Ten

100 Shot, Single Ignition Cake


Silver Glitter with Gold Pistil, Gold and Purple


Stars to Crackling Flowers, Green Tipped Silver


Pistil with Red Glitter and Impressive Brocade



Our Price  £69.99

Golden Dragon

100 Shot, Gold Tail to Brocade Coconut, Gold Tail to

Gold Glittering, Gold Tail to Red Wave, Gold Tail to

Purple Coconut and Gold Glittering

Our Price  £62.99

Hang Time

100 Shot, Brocade Crown and Red Green


Blue Crackling

Our Price  £62.99

China White

100 Shot, White Strobe with White Strobe Mine

Our Price  £53.99

Crackle Jack

100 Shot, Yellow Pearl Silver Time Rain to Blue

Pearl Brocade Crown to Green Pearl Gold 

Chrysanthemum to Green Wave to Chrysanthemum

Our Price  £62.99

Super Crack

100 Shot, Dragon Egg with Dragon Egg Mine 

Our Price  £55.99

Chase Me

118 Shot, Red Green Blue Gold Coconut Tail,


Red Star White Strobe, Green Star with


White Strobe, Purple Star with White Strobe,


Brocade Crown to Blue with Silver Chrysanthemum 

Our Price  £99.99

Mix It Up

63 Shot, Blue Tail to Blue Peony, Gold Tail to Gold


Flashing, Green Tail to Green Peony, White Tail to


White Flashing, Red Tail to Red Peony, Gold Tail to


Brocade Coconut Chrysanthemum, White Tail to


White Flashing, Gold Tail to Brocade


Coconut Chrysanthemum

Our Price  £28.99

Calmez Vous

49 Shot, Gold Tail to Gold Crown with Red Plum,


Gold Tail to Gold Crown with Ceder 

Our Price  £79.99

Ello Ello

49 Shot, Gold Tail to Gold Crown with Ceder

Our Price  £79.99

Easy Tiger

49 Shot, Blue Tail Spit Red Fish with Green Strobe

Our Price  £79.99

Sky Magic

51 Shot, Red Tail Spit Red Strobe, Green Tail Spit

Green Strobe, Blue Tail Spit Orange Strobe

Our Price  £79.99


60 Shot, Whistle to Eject Purple, Green, Blue,


Lemon Stars 

Our Price  £49.99

Spun Out

80 Shot Z Firing, Red Strobe Green Strobe Mines to

Red ~ Green ~ Purple Stars with Silver Spinning Tails

Our Price  £74.99

Twisting My Mellons

100 Shot Fan, Red Tail to Silver Spinner, Green Tail to


Silver Spinner, Blue Tail to Silver Spinner 

Our Price  £84.99