Glacier Rising

Silver Conical Fountain 90 Sec

Quiet Firework

Our Price  £15.99

Monte Vesuvio

9 Shot Fan,


Gold, White Primrose, Pink Strobe, Chrysanthemum Crackle

Quiet Firework

Our Price  £12.99

Etna's Revenge

Triangular Fountain,


Silver Primrose, Purple Stars, White Chrysanthemum, Red Stars Gold Chrysanthemum, Silver String Crackle, Yellow Star Laser

Quiet Firework

Our Price  £11.99 

Silver - Blinker 

Silver Blinker/Strobe

Extremely Bright Professional Grade, 60 Second Strobe, Cat F2

Quiet Firework

Our Price  £4.99

Red - Blinker

Red Blinker/Strobe

Extremely Bright Professional Grade, 

60 Second Strobe, Cat F2

Quiet Firework

Our Price  £4.99

Spin On This

13" Catherine Wheel


Multiple Motors, Colours and Effects an Impressive Wheel with Great duration

Quiet Firework

Our Price  £17.99

Super Spinners

6 Tube Catherine Wheel 


Great Duration, Amazing Mix of Colours 


The SmallCatherine Wheel That Packs a Punch 

Quiet Firework

Our Price  £6.99 

Tears Of An Angel

90 Sec Fountain, Gold to Silver or Silver to Gold

Pure Celtic Magic

Quiet Firework

Our Price  £19.99 



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