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101 Shot ~ Mixed Effect Firework by Riakeo 


Gold to Gold Brocade Palms with Red and Green Strobe Stars


To a Volley of Vivid Purple and Lemon Dahlia to Red Ghost.


Repeated Dahlias with a Crackling Core To


Z - Firing Section of Gold Tentacles with Multi-Coloured Tips of Red, Blue and Green.


Silver Palms with Red Tips and Silver Blink Stars


Green Dahlia, Wintersweet and Gold Strobe, Purple Dahlia, Wintersweet and Gold Strobe.


Blue Dahlia and Chrysanthemum to Stunning Gold and Coloured


Inspiring Finale of Colour and Gold 

80 Second ~ 30mm



Our Price Only  £275.00

night stalker riakeo fireworks

Night Stalker

199 Shot ~ Amazing Effects Single Ignition by Riakeo


Gold Brocade Spiting to Blue Star, Gold Glitter Horsetail Long Hang Time.


Red Glitter Mines Rising to Lime Green and Pink Tails to Crossettes.


Gold Glitter Tiger Tails in Banks of 4 to Glittering Gold Willows, accompanied by Coloured Dahlia Star of Blue, Green or Yellow.


Fanned Volley of Gold Brocades to Red Ghost


Triple Shots of Alternating Red and Yellow Peony to Dragon Eggs


Z-Firing Fan of Tourbillion to Red and Blue Peony to Wintersweet back to Pink and Orange Peony and Wintersweet


Final Sweep of Purple and Green to Wintersweet, Volley of Gold Glitter Brocades with Blue Stars and Gold Strobe.


V-Firing Brocade Tails to Brocade and Red, blue and pink 


Volleys of Gold with Red Strobe and Green Strobe.


Pulse Firing ~ Crackling Spiders to Red Stars


Z-Firing White Strobe Waterfalls with Spit Pastel Coloured Comets


Double Z Sweep of Red Blink Tails to Gold Brocades and Red Blink Stars.


Huge Finishing Volley of Gold Willow ~ Red and Blue Stars   

105 Seconds ~ 20mm/25mm30mm

Our Price Only  £385.00

tsunami riakeo fireworks


180 Shot ~ Single Ignition Firework by Riakeo


Cake 1 ~ Strobing Red Tails Pulse to Monster Bursts of Diamond White Blink and Red Dahlia Stars.

Green Dahlia and Deep Red Blink, Green Stars with Orange Dahlia and Gold Blink with Violet Dahlia.

Wide W-Firing with Red Palm and Blue Stars to Gold Brocades and Orange and Red Strobe Stars.


Gold Tri-Brocade Tails to Gold Brocade to Red, Green, Purple and Blue.


Z-Firing Silver Wave to Fanned Volley with a Chrysanthemum Crackle cloud.


Cake 2 ~  Alternating Pulse Firing Volleys of Red and Blue Dahlia with Silver Wintersweet to Tri-Gold Brocade Palms with Red Ghost.


W-Firing Bursts of Palms with Red, Pink and Blue Dahlias


Crackling Comet Tails to Crackling Palms with Red, Green, Blue and Orange to Multi-lift Finale of Blue Bouquets, Crackling Brocade Mines and Gold Crackling Palms with Violet Dahlia Stars.


120 Seconds ~ 30mm 

Our Price Only  £425.00

pyro addict 1 riakeo fireworks

Pyro Addict 1

51 Shot ~ Single Ignition Firework by Riakeo

Golden comet tails ~ Bursting into Stunning Golden Willows with Coloured Tips ~ Blood Red Strobe Effect To Golden Horse Tails


Golden Willows with Lemon Coloured Strobe and Coloured Tips Stars ~ Horse Tails to Sky Filling Gold Willow Multiburst with After Crackle that Hangs in The Sky To Kamuro Breaks 

50 Seconds ~ 30mm

A Firework with the WOW Factor

Our Price Only  £110.00

pyro addict 2 riakeo fireworks

Pyro Addict 2

61 Shot ~ Single Ignition Firework by Riakeo


Red and Blue Bursts with Gold Glitter ~ Z Fan Gold Brocade Palms with Red Tips and Gold Glitter ~ 3 Volleys of Tri-Gold Glitter Palms with Hugh Coloured Dahlia Stars


1 ~ Red

2 ~ Yellow

3 ~ Violet


Two Volleys of Red Tails Rising To Gold Palms with Red Ghost ~ Z Firing Fan Crackling Spiders ~ Volley of Crackling Palms and Multi Coloured Stars  


50 Seconds ~ 25mm and 30mm 


Our Price Only  £101.00

pyro addict 3 riakeo fireworks

Pyro Addict 3

71 Shot ~ Single Ignition Cake by Riakeo


Whistle Tails to Coloured Pearls of Red ~ Lemon, Blue, Green and Violet ~ Eruption of Crackle 

Gold Tourbillions Bursting into Tri-Gold Glitter Brocades with Blue, Red and Lemon Stars

Red, White and Blue Stars followed by Whistles ~Brocade Tails to Brocade Crackle to White Mines 

Leading into Bright Multi-Coloured Mines 

40 Seconds ~ 20mm,25mm and 30mm

Our Price Only  £101.00

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