Single Ignition Displays

Big Mamma

127 Shots, Red Tail to Red Pearl Time Rain, Green Tail to Green Pearl Time Rain to Brocade, Coloured Strobes, Crackles, Silver Tail Whistles to Strobes with Loud Reports

80 Seconds, 19mm, CatF3

Our Price  £109.99

Hasta La Vista Baby

119 Shot, Multi Effect Single Ignition Cake


80 Seconds, 20mm, 25mm & 30mm, CatF3

Our Price  £164.99

Tardis II

126 Shots, Display, Green Tail Spinner, Red Tail to White Strobe Falling Leaves, Red Crossette, Green Crossette,  Silver Tail to Silver Coco, Red to Red and Crackle, Green Tail to Green and Crackle,Blue Tail to Blue and Crackle, Silver and Crackle Silver Spinner

98 Seconds, 25mm, CatF3 

Our Price  £119.99

Mother Load

85 Shot, Single Ignition Display In A Box

V and Z Formations, Producing Brocade Mines


with Blue Stars, Red Stars to Glittering Willow,


Z-Firing Glitter Mine Sweeps Back and Fourth with


Red Strobes, Blue and Green Starbursts and


Purple and Yellow Starbursts Breaking above,


Double Hit of Titanium Chrysanthemum Mines to


Celtic’s Incredible Ghosted Red Glitter Effect

50 Seconds, 20mm, CatF3

Our Price  £124.99


103 Shot, Single Ignition Display In A Box

Firing in Straight, V, Z and Volley Formations,


Fan-Tastic is Packed with Effects, Silver Serpent


Tails, Glittering Palms, Silver Glitter and Red


Strobe Includes a Jaw Dropping Finale of

THREE Hits of Fanned Brocade Mine to Brocade

Crown followed by Titanium Chrysanthemum


Mine to Titanium Chrysanthemum Above 

70 Seconds, 20mm, CatF3

Our Price  £119.99

Guilty Pleasure 

91 Shot, Quiet Single Ignition with a Range of


Effects, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm Mixed Effect 

80 Seconds, 25mm, CatF3

Our Price  £119.99


98 Shot Z Firing, Mixed Effect,


Quiet Single Ignition

70 Seconds, 20mm, CatF3

Our Price  £59.99

It's Showtime

100 Shot Fan, 1 ~ 2 Row: Z Deep Red Dahlia with

Green Strobe, 3 ~ 5 Row: Brocade Crown with

Purple Dahlia, Brocade Crown with Yellow Dahlia

6 ~ 7 Row: Purple Green Dahlia Crackling

8 ~ 10 Row: Blue Mine, Gold Tail, Titanium Silver


35 Seconds, 25mm, CatF3

Our Price  £145.99

I'll Be Back

102 Shot, Multi Effect Single Ignition Cake

45 Seconds, 25mm, CatF3

Our Price  £99.99

Ten Out Of Ten

100 Shot, Single Ignition Cake


Silver Glitter with Gold Pistil, Gold and Purple


Stars to Crackling Flowers, Green Tipped Silver


Pistil with Red Glitter and Impressive Brocade



70 Seconds, 25mm, CatF3

Our Price  £84.99

The Big Player

76 Shot, Mixed Effect Cake with Hummers ~ Whistles

Christopher  " The BIG Player " Allen 

50 Seconds, 25mm & 30mm, CatF3

Our Price  £99.99



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