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Kamuro Rainbow XL

100 Shot ~ Single Ignition Firework by Vivid

Kamuro Tails to Kamuro Breaks with Red

Lemon, Purple and Blue Stars with Matching Mines

45 Seconds

The Firework with the WOW Factor

Our Price Only  £175.99


Loose Cannon 

57 Shot ~ Mixed Effects Single Ignition Firework by Vivid


Beautiful Colours with Stunning Effects  


Real Head Turner to Finish Your Display 

Our Price Only  £65.99

viv100cp-3xl sky candy xl v3.png

Sky Candy XL

100 Shot ~ Mine Effects Single Ignition Pro Compound Firework by Vivid 30mm


Beautiful and Bright Multi-Coloured Mine Lifts 

Mass of Vibrant Colour and Noise

Definitely One to Impress 

Our Price Only  £175.99



84 Shot ~ Variety of Mixed Effects by Vivid


Mixed Firing Pattern Full On Colour Storm 


Amazing Display from Start to Finish 25mm/30mm


Our Price Only  £111.99



64 Shot ~ Amazing Effects Single Ignition by Vivid


20mm/30mm Tube Size giving a Powerful Display with a


Huge Finishing Volley of Gold Willow ~


Red and Blue Stars   


Our Price Only  £87.99



224 Shot ~ Single Ignition Straight Up Firing by Vivid


60 Sec ~ 4 Cakes Link Fused Together 20mm Tube Size 

Firing a Mix of Colours and Effects and Noise at a Great Pace   

Our Price Only  £210.00



139 Shot ~ Single Ignition Straight Up Firing 

Compound Firework by Vivid


Red Tails to Gold Brocade Glitter, Red Blink

Green Tails to Gold Crown to White Tip 

Z Firing Double Sweep of Blues Tails to Gold Brocade and Blue

Fanned Volley of Gold and Red, Deep Red Stars

Gold Red Crackle Effects with Double Volley              

Huge Turbillions to Radium Salutes with Red Blinks  

Our Price Only  £275.99


New Dawn

189 Shot ~ Single Ignition Compound by Vivid


Salvo of Stunning Blue Tipped Brocade Comet Tails

Unitising Every Firing Pattern 

Finishing with a Double Finale Hit of


Titanium Chrysanthemum Mines with Red Strobe to


Blue Star with Red Strobe Crackling Flowers Above  


Our Price Only  £375.99

sparkler web gold-01-01.png

18" Gold Sparklers 

18" High Quality Gold Sparklers from Vivid


5 Gold Sparklers in Every Packet

Our Price Only  £3.50


F2 Ultra Pro 6 Pack

6 Assorted Fireworks by Viivd


Stunning Mixed Effects and Colours 

Our Price Only  £75.99


The Asylum 9 Pack

The Asylum 9 Pack from Vivid

9 Cake Barrage Pack Mix of 20mm, 25mm and 30mm

Each Cake ~ Different Effects, Bright Star Bursts


Strobes, Brocade Willows, Red Strobe to Red Mine


Brocade with Whistles Crackling Flowers and Salutes



Crackpot – 16 Shot 20mm F2


Demented – 16 Shot 20mm F2

Pyscho – 25 shot 20mm F2

Professor X – 64 shot 20mm F2

Lunatic – 16 shot 25mm F2

Night Terror – 25 shot 25mm F2

Crazy Time – 16 shot 30mm F2

Killer Clown – 16 shot 30mm F2


Our Price Only  £197.99



512 Shots ~ Single Ignition Compound  


8 X 64 Shot Firework Cakes Linked Together To Make a Sunning New Compound

Unleashing a Rapid 4KG Barrage of Noise and Colour

Stunning Brocades, Glittering Stars, Coloured Peonies and Palms


Amazing Effects All In One Compound

W.T.F ~ Does Not Disappoint 

Our Price Only  £435.99

El Loco

El Loco

268 Shots ~ An Amazing Compound Firework by Vivid


25mm and 30mm Mixed Effect Stunning Comound 

Our Price Only  £450.99


100 Shots ~ An Amazing Firework by Vivid


25mm Mixed Effect Cake ~ Stunning  

Our Price Only  £119.99

sucker punch by viviv pyrotechnics

Sucker Punch

190 Shots ~ An Amazing Compound Firework by Vivid


25mm and 30mm Mixed Effect Compound


Simply Breathtaking  

Our Price Only  £424.99

VSR2 Pro

6 Powerful 40g Shell Effect Rockets from Vivid


Stunning Mixed Effects and Colours ~ Amazing Display


Our Price Only  £40.00

vsr2 rocket pack.png
3d vsr3 2023.png

VSR3 Pro 3" Ball Head Rockets

3 x Powerful 3" Ball Head Rockets from Vivid


Red Strobe with Chrysanthemum Pistil with Glitter Tail

Silver to Red Wave with Green Stone Pistil with Glitter Tail

Green To Purple, White Strobe Crackling Pistil with Glitter Tail 


Our Price Only  £75.00

VSR4 Pro 4" Ball Head Rockets

Extremely Powerful Twin Pack 4" Ball Head Rockets from Vivid


Brocade Crown ~ Breathtaking Performance 


Nishiki Kamuro ~Maximum Inpact  


Our Price Only  £85.00

3d vsr4 2023.png

Reaper Rockets

5 Powerful 68g Rockets from Vivid


Stunning Mixed Effects and Colours ~ Amazing Display


Our Price Only  £45.00


10 x 14g Rockets from Vivid


Mixed Effects and Colours ~ Amazing Display


Our Price Only  £40.00

hellfires pack 3d.png
viv120cp-1 ziegelstein v3.png


120 Shot 30mm ~ Compound Fan by Vivid 

Compound Sweeping Fan ~ Impressive Huge Brocade Mines

Crowns with Strobing Tips 


Our Price Only  £325.00

freak mock up-01.png


49 Shot 25mm ~ Straight Firing Firework by Vivid 

Double Effect Mine of Blue Stars with Red Strobe, Red Glitter Tail


Red Ghost, Multi-Coloured Pastel Peony, Red and Green Peony


Lemon and Purple Peony, Silver Serpents to Red Ghost  

Red and Silver Blink, Double Finale of gold Tourbillions to Red and Blue

An Amazing Assortment of Bright Colours and Effects


Our Price Only  £69.99

havoc mock up-01.png


36 Shot 30mm ~ Straight Firing Firework by Vivid 

Double Mine of Red and Green Strobe Stars


Gold Brocade Comet Tail Rising to Bursts of Brocade


White Snow Blink, White Blink Comet Tails to Red


Brocade Palm with Blue Stars, Brocades with Red,


Blue and WhiteBlink, Green Blink Brocade Palms with


Purple Stars


Our Price Only  £69.99

viv36f3-1 snake bite v4.png

Snake Bite

36 Shot 30mm ~ Spinners Firing Firework by Vivid 

Spinners to Dirty Gold Long Hanging Willow with


Colour Pearls 



Our Price Only  £89.99

goldy locks.png

Goldy Locks

11" Conical Fountain by Vivid 

Golden Long Falling Flurry and Blue Stars 

Our Price Only  £21.99

cataclysm viv130f3.png


130 Shot 20mm 1 min Crackle Mine Cake by Vivid


Ti-Break with Crackle

Golden Long Falling Flurry and Blue Stars 

Our Price Only  £65.99

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